Danielle's Story // 2.11.14 // School of Supernatural Life

This morning I felt like I was supposed to share a specific scripture to the first person who got to the school. I specifically heard Jeremiah 14:13 “You will not experience war or suffer famine. I will give you lasting peace and prosperity in this land.”. I thought it was cool that God was giving me this word for someone.

As I sat in my office answering emails and such, I heard the front door open! I was super excited to see who it was so I could give them the word. It was one of our lovely small group leader ladies. I gave her the words and she seemed to be super encouraged by it. Later in the day, she came to me and said how it was a great word and that she was encouraged by it. 

I just love how God is into surprising people with his word and how He meets us where we are. I love that she was encouraged and felt God’s love for her that day!