Shannon's Story // Dillard's

I was at the Chanel counter at Dillard's. As I was chatting with the sales guy, I told him how I was helping staff School of Supernatural Life and we talked a little about the school and what it's about. I got done with my purchase but had been asking the Lord for a word of encouragement for the guy, I told him I had a word for him and asked if he'd like to hear it. He said sure so I gave it to him. He was stunned and amazed by what I said and was visibly quite touched. His coworker had been listening and wanted to know how I knew all of the stuff I said. I explained that I believe that God loves us and wants us to know that He both sees us and cares about us and so I asked for an encouraging word and He gave me one to give. The coworker invited me to come back and talk more some other time. They where both super encouraged.God is so good!