#CBATL14: Day 3

Today was our last day in Atlanta! We had an incredible time serving the homeless in the Five Points area! Check out our stories below!

Danielle's Story: Today was so touching! We felt like we were to go buy our new homeless friends some goodies! It was a step of faith buying the stuff for them, because we didn't actually know if they were going to be in the spot where they were yesterday! Thankfully, we heard from the Lord correctly, because they were all still hanging out in the same spot as yesterday! We took them blankets, toiletries, food and coffee! It was amazing seeing their faces when we walked up to them this morning! They felt so honored and loved that we had come back! 

I think one of my favorite moments was when I had the pleasure of buying my new friend Donnie some jeans. He had only had shorts to wear and it was definitely below 40 degrees last night. He asked me to buy him some pants and when he asked that, it would have been so easy just to blow him off and say that I couldn't, but thankfully I bought him some jeans! He was so excited when I walked up and gave them to him. He hurried off and put them on and came back to showcase them! 

It was a joy to be able to bring someone excitement and love through something as simple as buying some jeans! I loved that we were able to serve this crew of our homeless friends! They are all amazing people! It was such an honor that they shared their stories with us! We told them if they ever make it up to Nashville that we would definitely need to hang out and get some food! Love them! 

Amy's Story: Jesus!! Today was incredible. We got to hang out with our houseless friends again. Walking up, seeing the look on Bebe's face when he saw us, and a handshake of friendship that lasted seemingly forever are moments that I now hold dear. There is something so beautiful about being known and being received that Jesus released through us this weekend.  Even the simplest of things like sharing coffee and conversation can shift someone's reality. It was such an honor to be a part of their story.

Holy Spirit gave me a word of knowledge while we were shopping at Walmart to make goodie bags for our friends - buy art supplies. It turns out there were many artists that hung out with our friends in Little Five Points but the person who was the most excited about the opportunity to create and bless others through his art was Donnie. He is temporarily homeless but is not letting that define his future. He shared his painful childhood with us and got real about where he's at.  Our team was able to listen, provide encouragement, and pray for healing and dreams fulfilled.  Jesus loves us right where we're at and today He poured hope and love into one of his favorites.

Some of my favorite photos were taken today where you can see the visible love of God transforming those He rushes in to breathe life into. Going to Atlanta was worth it for just one of these new friends we met but God blessed us with so many more. God is faithful. He is full of love. And He gets all the glory.   

Kimberly's Story: Today was the last day of #CultivateBoldness Atlanta 2014. We started the day by journaling and then discussing what we had each heard from the Lord. God put the ball in our court and we decided to visit Walmart and get blankets and other items to give to the friends we'd made at Little Five Points (LFP) on yesterday.

Thankfully when we arrived to LFP our friends from yesterday, including Bebe, were all there! We gave out the goodies we had and then we went to Starbucks and bought them coffee. After everyone had coffee, we spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out with our friends and getting to know them better.

I spent the majority of my time talking with Bebe. He shared how grateful he was that we had visited with them on yesterday, and also for our visit today. And honestly, we are just as grateful. It was an honor to be in the presence of Bebe and the rest of the crew on yesterday and today. They are so intelligent (no exaggeration), compassionate and simply put - cool people. I hope to remember them forever and to pray for them each time that I do. I pray that you'd do the same. I know that they would each appreciate it.