#CBATL14: Day 1

Greetings from ATLANTA!! Our trip is off to a great start!! This morning when we asked the Lord what we should do today, we felt like He was guiding us to bring hope and His identity to people! He also said how we were going to encounter people who have lost sight of Him or how their perspective of Him might be skewed a bit! Guess what?! We did just that! We gave words of hope and identity to the people we met today! God was very strategic with sending us to believers and people who love Him! We would love to share our stories with you!!!

Danielle's Story: Today was an exciting day! One of my favorite stories from today was meeting our new friend, Starran. She was selling jewelry in the Centennial Olympic Park and noticed us when we were praying over a guy. While we were praying for this guy, a whole group of women from the Woman Thou Art Loosed Conference ended up praying with us and we caused a little scene. When Starran saw that, she told one of our camera crew that she wanted us to go over to her when we were finished. We ended up finishing and went over to talk to her.  She started off by asking which one of us was a prophet?! As soon as she said that, I knew this whole situation was about to get fun! We ended up giving her words of encouragement and we got to pray for her and her co-workers! She was brought to tears by the goodness of the Lord! She was in awe of Him sending us to her. She was so thankful, that she wanted to bless our whole team with a piece of jewelry! I love how the Lord strategically crossed our paths today! 

Amy's Story: Today was incredible!  The Lord set up so many divine appointments to share his love, hope, and encouragement.  It was such an honor to partner with His heart and release freedom, hope, and identity to those we met.  One of my favorite people we encountered was a man sitting against the wall of the aquarium.  He was alone and visibly weary but God rushed in and met him right where he was at.  We were able to pray for him and encourage the dreams in his heart.  It doesn't matter where you are at in life.  God hasn't forgotten you.  He calls you his own and he will finish the good work he started when he placed those dreams in your heart.

Another highlight of the day was praying for Anthony in the park.  He was hesitant at first but then opened up with complete honesty and bravely spoke the truth.  He was crying out for God to show up and reveal himself.  As we began to pray for him a group of women walked by from the Woman Thou Art Loosed conference.  When they realized what was happening they didn't even hesitate but jumped right in there and fought for Anthony in prayer.  This seemingly simple act is a beautiful example of where the church is headed.  We are becoming a unified bride who moves as one body to lift up those around us.  Where two or three (or in this case 9) are gathered in Jesus' name there He is in the midst of us.  The Lord made himself known today in real and wonderful ways.  All we had to do was show up and say yes.

Kimberly's Story: On Thursday night (October 2), God told me that during outreach in Atlanta he'd use the Cultivate Boldness team to impart identity, godly perspective and that we'd encounter people who once believed, but no longer do or people who are on the fence about their faith. This morning (Friday,October 3) Danielle, Amy and I discussed what we'd heard from God in our private time. To no surprise , God had spoken to each of us about imparting identity. Soon after our discussion, God gave Danielle a word for a lady (Bishop Coney) sitting behind us, and thus our day of being bold for Jesus in Atlanta began. We ended up ministering to Bishop Coney, three of her friends and one hotel employee before we left our hotel. Afterwards, we went into the city. There we prayed with a number of people for healing, wisdom, direction, etc, and shared with them the words of encouragement that God had given us for them. Anthony is one of the people we met in the city. He was on the fence about his faith due to a number of unfortunate experiences. Even so, he was open to hearing what we had to say and we were able to pray with him (and his friend Barry) and plaint seeds that I believe God will use to restore his Faith in Him. Overall, day one of outreach was nothing short of amazing. God was faithful to what he'd told each of us girls in our private time with Him. People were blessed, and so were we. Lastly, the people of Atlanta are very impressive. They are hungry for God and eager to hear from and receive from him.  A great harvest is awaiting those who will in faith #CultivateBoldness in Atlanta!