Danielle's Story // 12.4.13 // Grace Center

At Grace Center, we have an annual Women’s Tea for all the ladies in our church. While I was getting ready for the tea, I asked God for a word for someone that I would encounter while I was there. I felt like I heard the following:

  • Location: GC Women’s Tea
  • Appearance: short brown hair and sweater
  • Word: You are seen and known, God is proud of you
  • Need: Deliverance from anxiety and depression

So with these clues, I got to the women’s tea and started looking for someone with short brown hair and a sweater. As I was looking, i noticed someone I knew with those matching clues, but got really nervous with sharing the word and the need that I heard. I guess I got nervous because I know the lady pretty well and she serves in an area that I run at church, so if I heard wrong, I would see her ALL the time!

I decided to be brave and just go for it! I walked up to the her and told her how she was my treasure for the day. I shared the clues that I felt like I heard and she was in shock! She was so thankful that I shared them with her, and she was definitely feeling God in that moment, because she nearly fell over from His presence. She was so thankful that I stepped out and told her what I heard. She encouraged me to always do what God says to do even if it is intimidating or terrifying!