Danielle's Story // 12.22.13 // Nordstrom Rack

So my husband and I decided to celebrate our anniversary in Louisville, Kentucky this year! We really wanted to do some shopping at Nordstrom Rack and the one in Louisville is one of the closest ones to Nashville.  I found so many things and kept going to the dressing rooms to try them on. 

About every time I went to the dressing room, this lovely woman always helped me out! Every time I saw her, I just felt God’s compassion for her! I felt like He was giving me a word for her, so I wrote it down on one of our cards. I handed her the card and thought we were leaving. 

As we were headed to the cash register, I found one more pair of jeans that I wanted to try on. I went back to the dressing rooms and asked to try on the jeans. The girl that I gave the word to was the person helping me out. She stopped me before I tried on the jeans and said how she was so encouraged by the word that I left her and that she wished that more people would do things like this. She said how it made her day!

Yay God! I love when I am able to partner with Him to help make someone’s day!!