Danielle's Story // 12.10.13 // Starbucks

This morning I woke up to several texts about delaying the start of school at work! Though I woke up really early to all the texts, I was super excited to have time to go eat breakfast and start my day with a cup of tea! I decided to go to the Starbucks on the way to my work! Before I left the house, I asked God for some clues for a person I would come in contact with! I felt like I heard the following:

  • Location: Starbucks Brentwood
  • Appearance: Girl working the register
  • Word: Rough places made smooth

When I got to Starbucks, the drive thru line was SUPER long so I decided to go inside. When I walked inside, I immediately started looking for a girl working a register. I looked around and seriously there were no girl workers in sight! I went ahead and ordered my food and was slightly bummed because there was not one girl working that day! Just as I was handing the cashier my phone to pay for my food, I saw a girl pop up out of nowhere by the drive thru window. Apparently she was working the drive thru window and opening some boxes near the floor at the same time! I instantly got super pumped that there was a girl working a register at that Starbucks!

Since I got the word for her at home, I had already written her word down on one of our cool cards! I gave that card to my cashier and asked him to give it to the girl for me. He looked at me slightly confused but still gave her the card! She was super busy so she didn’t read it while I was there!