Danielle's Story // 11.17.13 // Grace Center Cafe

Before getting to church, I decided to ask God for some clues about a person that I was going to encounter in my normal Sunday routine! My routine consists of setting up the areas that I am responsible for and then getting some breakfast from our cafe. I felt like He was saying that I would encounter a person with green eyes in our cafe. He gave me a specific word for that person as well!

I walked in to get my iced peppermint tea and muffin and tried to scope out all the cafe worker’s eyes! None of them had green eyes. I apologized for staring them down and they asked what I was doing. I explained how I was on a treasure hunt and how I felt like I was going to find someone with green eyes. The cafe manager is in our school at the church, so she totally knows about treasure hunts. Before I knew it, she was announcing to the cafe “Does anyone have green eyes?!”. 

After her brave announcement, a woman step out and said that she had green eyes. She was the only one in the whole busy cafe that had green eyes! Yay God!

I explained to her how I was on a treasure hunt and she was ready for her word! I gave her the word I felt like God was giving me for her and she seemed very receptive! Once I finished giving her the word, she explained how the word was pretty much her prayer every morning! Yay! 

God is so good!